Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Carson's 6th Birthday Party!!!

This year Carson choose a "Hot Wheel Party" Everyone knows how Carson LOVES Hot Wheels! My house has been taken over by them, last time we counted, we had over 200. I believe the oldest one we have is 1972! Very cool!

I love you Carson! We had soo much fun with all our friends. We played games, built red Chevy truck's (thanks Lowe's), ate pizza & cake and opened lots of presents!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1st day of 1st grade... that only happens once!

My Baby!!! I was totally OK with kindergarten, but 1st grade... that's so big (and speaking of big, look at that backback. It looks like a billboard on his back LOL! It's Speed Racer!) Carson was so excited, he has an AWESOME teacher. His name is Mr. Schwartzkopf, he is such a nice man and guess what... he's magic! Carson makes me laugh so hard. He said he hoped Mr. Schwartzkopf would make all the schools disappear. I told Carson he is so lucky, I didn't have a guy teacher till the 4th grade. You are going to have a great year Buddy!

Ya'll have inspired me... I love following your blog's and seeing your BABES! I have been feeling so homesick and find myself looking at your pic's a lot lately. So thank you for that... it really helps. Love and miss you all so much!