Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Alisha and Aaron's Wedding Quilt

So, I've been a little dry on the project postings lately and this is why...
I've been working on this beauty :).
I started on Alisha's wedding quilt around the first of March.
I was so concerned about keeping this project a secret from my BFF, that I guess I didn't take any pictures of the construction (other than these two).
 Zoey wants to lay on it, can you blame her?
When I seen this fabric, I screamed Alisha to me.
Aqua, Brown and Orange
Backing is white linen
Binding is aqua
Hand-quilted (with love!)

This post has been in "draft" because she follows my blog (prob the only person LOL!) so I couldn't share till she had it in her hot little hand.

Wish I would have taken another pic after the sun had set, but here it is the magic hanging sideways quilt (can't get the pic to rotate :(!)
You would never know by looking at these pictures that it's ~124* outside!

The label is my favorite part of this quilt! It says "Something Blue ~ made for my best friend on her wedding day. june 25, 2011  <3 robin"
And there it is... ready to be shipped off to a buffalo ranch in Montana. Miss you Leesh!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ashley's Quilt {Pink, Black & White}

Several (~5) years ago I re-did Ashley's room before she came to visit for the summer.
{Pink, Black & White}
We were in Utah visiting, I took it to her :0).
She was happy!
I gotta go through old pics and find some of it on her bed.
log cabin
hand quilted
queen size
so fluffy and soft!

Ashley and Carson
Me, Ashley and Carson
 Love you Sis <3!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Heidi!

My sister Heidi just had a birthday...
I made her this!...
Is it not the happiest little pin cushion you ever did met?
 I used this footstool pin cushion pattern, by sewtakeahike

 She LOVED it! {What's not to love?}
Happy Birthday Sister, love you!