Saturday, November 27, 2010

Boat {Light} Parade

The Thanksgiving weekend kept the GOOD TIMES comin'
Saturday night we went to the 3rd Annual Colorado River Boat Parade
1st annual: Me, Ken & Carson went and there were about 5 boats
2nd annual: I was in St George with Dad for his open heart surgery
3rd annual: SO MUCH FUN!... see for yourself :)
Love these two :)
Thanks for stayin' Vel 

Too bad my pictures didn't turn out better, but you get the idea.

And we got home just in time to watch the fireworks!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Bibs for Bryce & Thanksgiving

I should have been cleaning my house for our Thanksgiving gathering... But this was WAY more fun!
I made this one for his turkey dinner at MY house
I made the neck holes a little too big... Erica can always put them on Curtis :)
and there they are...
Auntie LOVES her boy (look at that face!)
Here are his cowboy jammies...
I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! I sure did.

Monday, November 22, 2010

11.22.04 was a good day

Today {11.22.10}, Adilynn Dawn Coughlin turns 6!
Adi, you bring us so much JOY. I can't believe six years ago you came into our lives! We love watching you grow into who you are.

6 Things we LOVE about our 6 YEAR OLD!

1. You are a great (BIG) sister. Your baby sister will be here anyday!

2. You love all animals, BIG
and small

3. You have so much love and compasion for others.

4. You are a Daddy's Girl!

5. You are sassy :)

6. You are smart and you love school.
Thank you for being YOU!
Great-Aunt Robin

Monday, November 15, 2010

second chance...

Sewing desk refrub...
Ken was out of town on business & I went thrift store shopping.
I saw this & the man at this really bad thrift store wanted $10.
I didn't get it... When Ken got home I told him about it and he said,
"how can something not be worth $10?" We went back and bought it.

Washed & sanded it...
 Glued all the joints back together...
Primed and painted....
It's cream with black drawer handles (the handles are original,
they are really cool, you can't see them very good in the pic)
also, the pic doesn't do the drawer lining justice...
I cut cardboard 1/4 inch smaller in length & width, covered with
warm & natural batting, then black velvet. It's beautiful!
It's the perfect height to sew on. I'm really happy with how it turned out!
It's true... how can something not be worth $10?