Tuesday, December 27, 2011

American Girl Beds {made by me}

I have 5 {great} nieces
{+2 more coming this Spring}
The oldest is 7 and the youngest is 1
The older 4 are in love with American Girls
and Santa had confirmed delivery.
I asked the girls their absolute favorite color and Auntie got busy!
I'm not one to brag about my work, but these turned out FAR cuter than I could have EVER imagined!
I bought the beds here and was more than happy with the beds and the service (they gave me a deal on the shipping cause I was buying 5).
Sorry for the picture overload... I just can't help myself ;)

Scrappy ticker-tape pattern

Hand stitched heart

Tumbler pattern w/ her name hand stitched

Star pattern

Cheveron pattern. She's only one year old and when she received it she was laying in it :). She LOVES the little pillow and insists on sleeping with it. Too cute!

 And there they are... getting their "rest"... they're gonna need it!
 I even made American Girl gift tags :).
{I gave these to the girls at the Family Christmas Party}
I enjoyed every minute of making these.
There is love in every stitch!
With 2 more baby girls coming in 2012, I'll be doing it again and

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family Pictures {2011}

There we are...
{2 more coming this Spring, both GIRLS!}
 My Boy and I
 The Parents :)
Sorry for the picture overload, but I have a lot of favorites
My Bro and his family {+bun in the oven}
 Mr. Bryce {2 years old}
 Gabrielle and Stella {age 5 and 3, their sister is the other bun in the oven}
 My Sister Heidi and her family
 My Sis and Bro-in-law and their Grandkids
 Her Daughters {Jentry, Tara & Jenny}
 Jenny & Jeremy
 Jentry and Tae {age 7}
 {The Kids}
Carson {mine} 9, Bryce 2, Junior 5, Gabby 5, Stella 3,
Adilynn 7, Taelynn 7, Isabelle 1
After pics, my Sister Heidi hosted our Family Chrismas Party.
It was a blast, we played "Minute To Win It", the kids acted out the nativity (adorable!),
the kids opened their gifts from each other {more on that later ;)}. And we ate and ate and ate some more,
my sister is a wonderful cook!
Merry Christmas ALL!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun Day :)

The day of family pics and the family Christmas party
I took these two kiddos and headed out for a little fun (also so my sister could put the finishing touches on the house and dinner).
3-D/Glow-in-the-dark mini golf
Best cousins... They love each other.
They are just over 2 years apart.
 My boy!
 I love my TaeTae

 Taelynn wanted her picture with Dorothy 
 Bumper cars (Tae's driving one too, somewhere)
Carson played lazer tag, Tae was going to but changed her mind when they played the video of what to do. It had a dark/sci-fi feel to it... I didn't blame her, I wouldn't have wanted to either. 
Good, good kids! Love you guys xoxoxo!