Tuesday, December 27, 2011

American Girl Beds {made by me}

I have 5 {great} nieces
{+2 more coming this Spring}
The oldest is 7 and the youngest is 1
The older 4 are in love with American Girls
and Santa had confirmed delivery.
I asked the girls their absolute favorite color and Auntie got busy!
I'm not one to brag about my work, but these turned out FAR cuter than I could have EVER imagined!
I bought the beds here and was more than happy with the beds and the service (they gave me a deal on the shipping cause I was buying 5).
Sorry for the picture overload... I just can't help myself ;)

Scrappy ticker-tape pattern

Hand stitched heart

Tumbler pattern w/ her name hand stitched

Star pattern

Cheveron pattern. She's only one year old and when she received it she was laying in it :). She LOVES the little pillow and insists on sleeping with it. Too cute!

 And there they are... getting their "rest"... they're gonna need it!
 I even made American Girl gift tags :).
{I gave these to the girls at the Family Christmas Party}
I enjoyed every minute of making these.
There is love in every stitch!
With 2 more baby girls coming in 2012, I'll be doing it again and

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claudia becker said...

Very beautiful this work ... I remembered the seven dwarves :)