Monday, March 26, 2012

Sydney's Snuggler

I made this snuggler for my niece {in between praying}.
My Sis-in-law went to her {routine} 35 week Doctor appt,
were she was sent directly to the hospital for admittance on Wednesday {3/14}.
The baby was in distress and my Sis-in-law was showing signs of labor.
The plan was to give her steroid shots Wednesday and Thursday
{to speed development of the baby's lungs}
and get the baby out by inducing labor on Friday {3/16}.
At 5:00 pm Friday, Sydney came into this world {via C-section}.
It has been an emotional roller coaster the past 10 days.
Our baby is still in the NICU and we are praying our knees off.
Sydney Joliet
5 lbs 4oz
18 inches
The pattern is from Simple Sewing for Baby,
I made it in an evening {even with 100 distractions, Mom please get me this, Mom can I do that, etc.}
The hardest part of the pattern was the velcro placement, with my alterations it came out PERFECT!...
Just like this little girl, PERFECT!!!

Here are a few pictures before our sweet bundle was here...
I had to bribe Carson to let me use one of his stuffed animals
to model a "baby thing". You should have heard the objections :)! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

a {belated} birthday present

i made these sprocket pillows as a gift for my BFF. i'm not gonna admit when her birthday was, let's just say they were a very belated birthday present! (good thing we both think belated gifts are fun) ;) 
and like her wedding quilt, couldn't post until the man in brown delivers it to her ranch in Montana.

i used this pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew.
(i've made these pillows a handful of times and for some reason
i have to adjust the center strip to 48 1/2" for the large pillow
and 41" for the small pillow everytime)
sometimes i'm just browsing the isles at the fabric store,
minding my business
when a fabric jumps out at me and screams ALISHA!
that was the case in the wedding quilt fabric
as well as the fabric for these pillows.

happy {belated} birthday leesh!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My BFF's etsy shop!

Check out my BFF's etsy shop:
a few of my favorites...

Belt Buckle - "Ellie"

Belt Buckle - "Free Spirit"

Belt Buckle - "Rhinestone Cowboy"
Get 'em while you can :)