Thursday, March 22, 2012

a {belated} birthday present

i made these sprocket pillows as a gift for my BFF. i'm not gonna admit when her birthday was, let's just say they were a very belated birthday present! (good thing we both think belated gifts are fun) ;) 
and like her wedding quilt, couldn't post until the man in brown delivers it to her ranch in Montana.

i used this pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew.
(i've made these pillows a handful of times and for some reason
i have to adjust the center strip to 48 1/2" for the large pillow
and 41" for the small pillow everytime)
sometimes i'm just browsing the isles at the fabric store,
minding my business
when a fabric jumps out at me and screams ALISHA!
that was the case in the wedding quilt fabric
as well as the fabric for these pillows.

happy {belated} birthday leesh!

1 comment :

Alisha & Aaron said...

Aaron likes to think you made them for him since they arrived around his B-day! It's ok I will share, love you and your amazing craftiness! Mwah!