Friday, January 23, 2009

Curt & Erica's Wedding

I have so much I want to blog... With the Holiday's over I want to do some "catching up". Thinking where I left off SO many months ago, this is the next milestone!!!

What an AMAZING day this was! Curt & Erica got married Sept 20th in beautiful Bryce Canyon Utah! These are a few of my favorite pic's of the day... ENJOY!


Heidi's Bric a Brac said...

I have not seen these pics!!
They are sooo cute. It's about time you blogged! Working sucks!
Luv Ya

Wayne & Amy MacIntosh said...

I have been waiting for you to blog. I was wondering where my Parowan birthday song was last week!! Carson looks so big and he is so cute. I only have your home phone number so call me I need your cell so we can text.

Wayne & Amy MacIntosh said...

What working in Chicago! What are you doing with yourself these days. I am so far behind please call me or text and catch me up.

Amanda said...

Hi Robyn -ba-bobbin.
Fun to find you.
So glad to see Curt get married.
She is a lucky gal.
Would love to catchup!

Heidi's Bric a Brac said...

My cell is on the fritz. I am as bad as mom...I don't know how to use my home phone. I kept thinking call Robin call Robin tonight. Just felt like talking to you I guess. I hope everything is good! me.