Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carson's Baptism Day

March 19, 2011
{Carson's Baptism Day}
My Mormon Boy
 Brother Kory Burgess and Carson
(Grandee made Carson this towel. She embroidered "CTR" and "Carson" on a white towel, Grandee has also made one for Carson's little friend Arie Beck when she was baptised in December)

 Carson was getting a little silly and sick of having his picture taken by this point...
 Brother Burgess is a very good man. He is a member of our Bishopric. 
 The Family :)

 Refreshments, cream puffs, mini eclaires and sugar cookies. Mmm...
 Carson's very own scriptures
 opening his package from Aunt Heidi and Uncle Kendall (thank you!)
Carson and I read 1st Nephi from his new scriptures at bedtime. When I tucked him into bed, I asked him how he felt. he said "HAPPY!"  Carson is absolutely beaming....
Carson, may you always remember how you feel today!
Today was an AMAZING day... Thank you Heavenly Father!

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