Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Everyone goes home...

... for the Fair
Carson and Grandpa ~ at the Chicken Judging
Carson gets either chicken's, duck's or a rabbit every Spring. He takes care of them when he visit's G-ma and G-pa 
Dad, Mom and Carson

Three 1st place ribbons and one 2nd
(2nd only because two of his chickens were competing against each other)
{me &} Isabelle~9 months old
Tara and Isabelle
Adi, Junior and Taelynn
Carson J
Junior (I think, he and Carson look so much alike, it's hard to tell ;).)
The kids liked these hamster balls... me, not so much!!! I'm a gremaphobe, NASTY!
Me and my nephew Bryce
My Sis-in-law Erica, Bryce, my Brother Curt, my Carson, my Dad
mmmmm, nothing tastes as good as a rodeo burger!

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