Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25 (#32)

Happy Birthday to ME!
We were on our way to birthday dinner at Samari (a new sushi/teppin grill resturant), we pulling out of our gate as G-pa Charlie was pulling in. Carson exclamed, "Tonight's Grandpa and I's Wipe-Out Party". (Wipe-Out is that show on TV that people get absolutly tortured in obstacle courses) Carson had forgot he made plans with G-pa, so he went with him and we went to dinner :).
This is my birthday sunset, from our backyard. I <3 the desert!

You're never too old to get dolls for your birthday...
This is my 1st Blythe doll.
For those of you that aren't farmiliar, Blythe dolls are from China (the box is all in Chinese). They are quite pricey (from $100-several thousand)
This doll is "Simply Guava", she's AWESOME :) I LOVE HER!

They have a cord on the back of their neck you pull to change their eyes... see below

Thanks Babe, :):):) Love u!

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