Monday, February 28, 2011

My BFF's Bridal Shower

I was honored to give my Best Friend Forever her Bridal Shower
{We had a "Tea Party" Bridal Shower}
First off, the invitations... everyone got one of these in the mail.
you can't read the tags very well in the picture, but they say
"Alisha's Bridal Shower"
and the bottom of the box of the tea pot kitchen timer, it says
"Time for Tea"

The Details :)
Too bad I didn't get a pic of the address label... they has a little tea cup on them (of course!)

Everyone at the shower got a homemade apron...
(These are SO FUN & easy to make, they are made from a dish towel)

 Check out this cute little tag that I put on each one
My super talented sister Velvet made these flower arrangements for the shower (thanks Vel!)
I was going for the "vintage tea party" theme and the outter arrangements are in tin can's.
The middle one is in a milk glass vase I found at my local Bullhead City thrift store for $2!
Tea Cups...
yes, personalized tea bags... they say:
The Perfect Blend
Aaron & Alisha
June 25, 2011
 There we are... everyone but Deb (Alisha's Mom) who is taking the picture,
but you can check her out below ;)
 (dang-it, sorry, can't figure it how to rotate this puppy!)
 There she is... Deb, Alisha's Mom
Thank Deb for having the shower at your place and all your help!!!

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Alisha & Aaron said...

awww Robin this was so great to see, one of my best days thanks to you. you are such an amazing friend to put this on for me. I will forever be thankful for you in my life!